Project Sashiko Holiday Table Topper

By Elizabeth Cecchettini

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Create this lovely table topper using wool felt, simple embroidery and the Baby Lock Sashiko Machine to add the look of hand quilting. Everyone will love the unique look of this project! Download printable instructions.


  • 1 1/8 yards of 45” wide green wool felt
  • 2 yards of 45” wide red wool felt
  • Lime green embroidery thread
  • Cherry red all-purpose thread
  • Monofilament thread, dark colored
  • Pinking shears
  • Going in Circles Ruler, large
  • Water soluble marking pen


  • Baby Lock Sashiko Machine
  • Baby Lock Embroidery and Sewing Machine


  1. Start with the Baby Lock Embroidery Machine; select from the Stitch Patterns, the frame with the zigzag and dot pattern.

  2. Enlarge the pattern to 19.7 cm. Thread the machine with lime green thread.

  3. Cut 27” of the red felt from the length of the felt and set aside.

  4. Layer the red felt on the top of the green felt. Hoop the felts, placing both layers in the hoop with the red layer facing up.

    Note: four patterns can be embroidered across the width of the felt. No stabilizer is needed due to the thickness of the felt!

  5. Repeat step three until there are a total of 16 circles embroidered on the felt. Allow approximately 1 1/2” between each pattern.

  6. Prepare to cut out the circles by marking each circle using the “Going in Circles Ruler” and water soluble marking pen. Mark an 8 ¼” circle.

  7. Cut out each circle with the pinking shears following the marked circle.

  8. Next, mark the circles on the green felt side with a 5 ¾” square. Centering four dots on each side of the square.

  9. Pin two circles together along one side of the marked squares, matching the zigzag stitches of each circle.

  10. Stitch the circles together along the marked line. Press the flaps open using steam.

  11. Continue adding circles, until all 16 circles are connected into a square.

  12. Layer the table topper onto the remaining red felt. Pin the table topper securely to the red felt base.

  13. Stitch the circles to the base with monofilament thread on the machine and red thread in the bobbin.

    First, stitch in-the-ditch through the centers of the flaps. Next, stitch around the flaps, very near the edges of the flaps.

  14. Pin the outside edges of the table topper to the red felt.

  15. Thread the Sashiko machine with red thread. Change the settings on the machine: Stitch Length of 4 and Stitch Spacing of 2.

  16. In each of the middles of the circles, stitch ¼” from the edge of the flaps and inside the edges of the zigzag embroidery.

  17. On the outside of the table topper, stitch ¼” from the outside of the dots.

  18. Trim away the excess red felt base using the pinking shears. Allow ¼” of the red felt to show from under the green felt circles.

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