Looking for a fun way to use zippers? Add them to the next pillow you create. Using a Baby Lock serger and the cording foot plus four zippers, easily serge this decorative zipper pillow. Click here to download printable instructions.


  • 1 Yard of home decorator fabric
  • 4 Spools Madeira® serging thread colors to coordinate with fabrics
  • 4 - 20” long zippers with plastic coils
  • 18” Pillow form
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Sewing clips
  • Basic sewing and serging supplies



  1. Follow the next set of cutting directions to cut the fabric needed for the decorative pillow (Finished Size: 18” square):

    1. From the home decorator fabric cut two sections that measure 20” square.

    2. Fold only one of the sections into four quadrants and press.

    3. Cut each of the four corners off at a diagonal as shown in the following illustration. Place the ruler along the diagonal creased lines and cut.

      If your fabric has a pattern, as the fabric in the sample, be sure to place the corners back together to maintain the pattern.

  2. Snap that cording foot onto the serger and set the machine up for a 4-Thread Overlock stitch. Set the Length to 2.5; Width 7.5, then set the Stitch Selector to A.

  3. Use two pieces of fabric for a test to be sure that the stitch settings are OK.

    1. Note: there is a groove on the backside of the cording foot. The teeth on the zipper will lay in that groove during serging

  4. With right sides together, lay the first zipper centered along one of the diagonal cut edges.

    1. You can leave a little seam allowance if desired, but it is not necessary. If you do, your knife will trim it off!

    2. Both of the zipper ends should hang over each of the ends of the pillow section about 2” or more.

    3. Tip: I like to use sewing clips to hold the zipper in place. Be sure that the zipper is closed.

    4. Tip: The zipper pull will need to be kept out of the way so that it does not interfere with the path of the needles or the serger knife.

  5. Place the clipped section under the needle with the teeth of the zipper placed in the groove on the cording foot. Lower the presser foot.

  6. Serge along that diagonal edge. Remove the clips as you serge. To end the seam, pull the end off at an angle away from the serger and cut the threads.

  7. Press the serged edge to the wrong side of the section as shown below.

  8. Using the sewing clips, attach the corner section to the zipper tape; placing right sides together as shown in the following illustration.

  9. Serge along the edge of the zipper with the zipper teeth placed centered in the groove on the foot. Open the corner and press the seam flat.

  10. Repeat for the other three zippers while following Steps 4-9. The zippers will overlap at each of the corners.

  11. Remember to keep the zipper pulls away from the needles or the blade. Since the coils are made of plastic, cutting through the coils with the serger blade is OK.

  12. Once all of the corners have been serged to the zippers, trim the section to an 18” square. Tip: If you like a puffier pillow, trim the square to the same size as the pillow form.

  13. Cut the pillow back the same size as the pillow front.

  14. With right sides together, serge around the three outer edges of the pillow while leaving one side open

  15. On the remaining edge, serge inward 4” and angle off to end the stitch.

    1. Turn to the pillow top so that the opposite side is under the needles and serge inward 4” and angle off to end the stitch. This will leave a 6” – 8” opening.

  16. Insert the pillow form and slip stitch the opening closed. Or as an Option: insert a zipper to the center back using the same technique as used in these directions.

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