Project Shimmer and Glimmer Table Topper

By Kelly Laws

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Create an easy, modern and festive table topper to give your dining or entry table a little bit of shine! This crazy patch project really pops with decorative bobbin work and crystals. Download printable instructions.


  • Madeira Décora in silver and blue
  • All-purpose thread to match fabrics
  • Monofilament thread
  • Extra empty bobbins
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • 1 yard blue fabric for backing and borders
  • 1 yard batting
  • ¾ yard piece of muslin for crazy patch base
  • Silver fabric (remnant to 1/4 yard)
  • Rose pink fabric (remnant to 1/4 yard)
  • Medium blue fabric (remnant to 1/4 yard)
  • Navy blue fabric (remnant to 1/4 yard)
  • Black fabric (remnant to 1/4 yard)
  • Rotary Cutter, mat and ruler
  • Assorted Hot-fix crystals
  • Crystal applicator wand


  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine
  • Bobbin work grey bobbin case and cover


  1. Thread the machine with the all-purpose thread in the needle.

  2. Hand-wind the silver decorative thread on one of the empty bobbins and the blue on another.

  3. Place the grey specialty bobbin case in the machine replacing the standard bobbin case.

    1. Insert one of the hand-wound bobbins in the bobbin case and replace the regular bobbin cover with the bobbin work cover.

  4. Place a piece of stabilizer under the black fabric. Turn the fabric over to stitch with right side down.

  5. Select open airy decorative stitches and sew rows or patterns along the black fabric to “create” your own unique fabric.

    1. Note: For best results tighten the top tension slightly and increase the stitch length.

  6. Once you have added decorative stitches to the black fabric, switch back to the regular bobbin case for the next piecing steps.

  7. Cut one geometric shaped piece approximately 3” in size from one of the remnant pieces of fabric.

  8. Lay the piece right side up onto the muslin base.

  9. Place another piece with right sides together aligning one edge. Stitch ¼” from the edge.

  10. Flip the top piece over to reveal the right side. Press.

  11. Attach another remnant piece to any other edge and continue stitching and flipping pieces, until the muslin piece is covered.

  12. Once the muslin piece is covered, trim the piece into a square.

  13. Layer the batting and backing and crazy patched top piece. Make sure the backing fabric is 4” larger than the top on all four sides.

  14. Switch to the grey bobbin case and add more decorative bobbin work stitches as desired along and across the seams.

    1. Remember to work with the right side of the crazy patch piece facing down. Sew through all layers quilting the layers together.

  15. To form the binding, fold the 1/4” of backing fabric over towards the quilt top and press.

  16. Fold it in again, this time overlapping the quilt edge and pin in place. Once all edges are folded over, tuck the corners in to form a mitered look.

  17. Using an appliqué stitch and monofilament thread, stitch along the edge to secure the edge.

  18. Using a large decorative stitch and monofilament thread, stitch inside the border to quilt the edge.

  19. Add hot-fix crystals along the decorative stitches for a finishing touch.

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