Project Star Spangled Table Runner

By Beth Ann Cecchettini

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Your guests will be star struck by this patriotic table runner! Red, white and blue quilt blocks and striped fabric sew together easily to create a pretty dining room display for the 4th of July! Download printable instructions.


  • ⅓ yard of white on white cotton fabric
  • ¼ yard of blue cotton fabric
  • ⅛ yard of red fabric
  • 1 ¼ yards of striped cotton fabric
  • 1 ½ yards of cotton fabric for backing and binding
  • Batting
  • Batting
  • Rotary cutting system
  • Quarter square triangle ruler (QST)
  • Half square triangle ruler (HST)



  1. Cutting:

    1. White on white fabric: 5 strips, 2½” x 45”

    2. Blue fabric: 2 strips, 2½” x 45”

    3. Red fabric: 1 strip, 2½” x 45”

    4. Strip fabric (cut lengthwise): 2 strips, 3½” x 42½”; 4 strips, 3½” x 12½”; 2 strips, 2” x 45”

  2. Segments for the blocks will be cut from the strips that were prepared in Step 1, using the QST and the HST rulers. The rulers will include the seam allowances.

    1. White on white: 24 QST, 2½” x 4”; 24 HST, 2½” x 2½”

    2. Blue fabric: 24 QST, 2½” x 4”

    3. Red fabric: 12 QST, 2½” x 4”

    4. Striped fabric, 16 QST, 2” x 3”

  3. Piece the segments as follows:

    1. Flying geese patch: Use 24 white on white QST with 12 red HST to make 12 flying geese total blue and white patches.

    2. Use 24 blue QST and 24 white on white QST to make 12 blue and white patches.

  4. After pressing the patches, sew the flying geese patch to the blue and white patch.

  5. Next, cut the remaining white on white strips into 24 2½” x 6½” pieces. Stitch these pieces to the left side of the patches from Step 4.

  6. Sew the above 24 units into three quilt blocks.

  7. Sew the 3½” x 12½” striped sashing pieces to the sides of the block, connecting all three blocks together with sashing at either end of the table runner

  8. Cut and sew the four corner blocks using the remaining two strips of striped fabric.

  9. Cut 16 QST 2” x 3”

  10. Sew four blocks, carefully matching the stripes and press.

  11. Sew two of the blocks to the ends of one 3½” x 42½” sashing strip. Repeat with remaining blocks and sashing strip.

  12. Sew the sashing to the sides of the table runner.

  13. Layer the backing, batting, and table runner top. Baste the layers.

  14. Quilt the table runner using the Crown Jewel.

  15. Bind the table runner

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