Gather all your fat-quarter scraps! Make this adorable coin purse with your Baby Lock sewing machine today.


  • Scrap Fabric or your favorite fat quart
  • 1 zipper at least 6” long
  • 1 Metal Key Ring



  1. Print out the heart shaped template, or use your own. This heart shape is approximately 5” by 5”

  2. Place your template on top of your fabric. You should have two pieces of fabric right sides together and your temple on top. Pin your template so it doesn’t move.

  3. Cut around leaving approximately ¼ inch around the heart shape.

  4. Cut another section of fabric for your key chain hoop, 2” wide by 4” long. Create a loop by, folding width in half. Opening out to create a centre line.

  5. Then folding them halves in on themselves.

  6. Then fold that once again, Stitch closed with your favorite Babylock sewing machine. When top stitching, always set your stitch slightly longer at a 3.5mm as it looks much better.

  7. Take one of your fabric hearts and cut straight down the centre. Lets insert the zip.

  8. Take the left hand section of the heart, place your zipper face down with the pretty side of the fabric facing up. Put the zipper foot on your sewing machine and stitch in place.

  9. Sew the right side of your heart into place, making sure the two sides line up. Then top stitch in place. Cut the excess off the bottom of your zipper.

  10. Open your zipper half way, if you miss this part you will not be able to use the pouch, so this is really important to do.

    Take your loop, fold in half. Place the key king in-between the loop. The loop always looks best coming from a top corner. Place your second heart piece on top, both heart sections are right sides together with the loop sandwiched in-between and your zipper in un zipped half way

  11. Sew around the two heart fabrics.

  12. 12. Now turn your heart right sides out, Press and fill with candies or even a gift card for you valentines.

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