Create this wintery throw pillow and embellish it with a beautiful snowflake design built into the Solaris Vision or find your own favorite embroidery design to add.



  • Baby Lock Solaris Vision Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • Embroidery and Universal needles
  • Iron and press pad
  • Madeira Sewing Thread
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery foot
  • Digital dual feed foot and ¼” sole with guide
  • Optional - Stitch-in-the-Ditch sole for Digital dual feed food
  • Optional Magnetic Sash Frame 7” X 14”

Cut List

  • Center fabric: 1@14”x14”
  • Sashing: 4@1 ½”x12”
  • Faux ruffle: 4@2 ½”x14”
  • Fusible webbing: 1@14”x14”
  • No show mesh: Cut to fit hoop

Getting Creative

  • Fuse fusible webbing to back of center fabric
  • Hoop no show mesh and fabric and place in embroidery machine


  1. Select IQ Designer
  2. Select the Shapes/Stamp Key.
  3. From the first tab select square 01. Touch OK.
  4. Select Size and resize the square to 8”x8.
  5. Select Line Properties.
  6. Select running stitch and a color. Touch OK.
  7. Select Fill Cup/Paint Bucket and Selecton square to apply the run stitch.
  8. Select Fill Properties.
  9. Select decorative fills option.
  10. Select Fill #48 or fill of choice and a color. Touch OK.
  11. Select the Fill Cup/Paint Bucket and click inside square to apply fill.
  12. Touch Next.
  13. No changes will be made to the default settings.
  14. Touch Set and OK. (You will be sent to Embroidery side of machine)
  15. Touch Add
  16. Select #1 Exclusive designs
  17. Select Holidays
  18. Select the first snowflake, design#13.
  19. Touch Set.
  20. Touch Edit.
  21. Select Size with Stitch-recalculation & OK. Increase snowflake to roughly 7.35”x6.41”. Touch OK.
  22. Select Embroidery.
  23. Stitch out designs make certain to stitch fill first.
  24. When complete, remove hoop from machine and fabric from hoop.
  25. Trim center fabric to 7 ½”x7 ½”.

Assembling the Pillow

  1. Set the Solaris up for sewing with sewing thread & bobbin. Attach the Digital Dual feed foot with the ¼” sole.
  2. Gather sashing strips.
  3. Stitch right side sashing to right center fabric using ¼” seam allowance.
  4. Stitch next strip to left side.
  5. Press both strips to dark fabric.
  6. Stitch sashing to top.
  7. Stitch sashing to bottom.
  8. Press to dark fabric.
  9. Square up all sides.
  10. Gather faux ruffle strips.
  11. Stitch in same order as sashing.
  12. Press and square up once again.
  13. Set pillow front aside.
  14. Gather backing pieces.
  15. Fold both long ends twice ¾” and press.
  16. Stitch top and bottom of fold with DDF and ¼” foot to give clean, professional look.
  17. Place pillow front on flat surface right side up.
  18. Place backing fabrics right side down on pillow front.
  19. Folded sides of pillow back will overlap roughly 2 ½”.
  20. Clip pillow back to pillow front.
  21. After pillow stitched, clip all four corners careful not to clip stitches.
  22. Turn pillow right side out using awl to extend corners
  23. Press pillow avoiding embroidered area.
  24. Place Edge Joining foot on machine and straight and stitch between sashing and ruffle
  25. Place pillow form in pillow and ENJOY!

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