Jul 24, 2018
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Little Fox Bag

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Give your child (or yourself!) something cute to hold all of their trinkets and treasures. This small bag is a perfect beginning sewing project and a great gift for anyone who loves foxes or unique purses. And you can make it entirely on your Baby Lock Brilliant machine! Download printable instructions.


  • Book Bags and Purses by Susie Johns™
  • Supplies listed in the book
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for piecing
  • Madeira Lana Cotona 12 weight thread for decorative sewing on face #93123892
  • Topstitch needle Size 14 for the Lana Cotona thread
  • Frixion marking pens
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock® Brilliant sewing machine


  1. Follow the directions from the book Bags and Purses by Susie Johns for cutting out the shapes using the templates.

  2. Trace the eyes and the mouth on the white fabric. Tip: Use a light box for ease of tracings while using the Frixion marking pen.

  3. Rather than hand sewing the mouth and eyes you can use the sewing machine. With the machine set up for sewing follow the next set of steps:

    1. Insert the top-stitch needle.

    2. Wind the bobbin with the sewing thread.

    3. Thread the machine with the Madeira Cotona 12wt thread.

    4. From the stitches select the Stem Stitch.

    5. Attach the “J” foot.

  4. Place the drawn face lines under the presser foot. Lower the presser foot. Stitch over the drawn lines to create the mouth and nose.

    1. Then move to the eyes. Stitch at a nice slow pace moving the fabric so that the drawn lines are under the needle.

    2. The feed dogs will pull the fabric along but you need to guide it from side-to-side. If you want a heavier stitched line stitch over the lines twice.

  5. Replace the needle with a regular sewing needle and then re-thread the machine with the Madeira Cotona thread.

  6. Follow the directions in the book to finish the purse.

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