Instructor: Denise Applegate Schober

Looking Into the Magic with Art & Stitch

Within the Art & Stitch program there are three different magic features.  Magic circle turns an element into a circle of elements that create one design.  Magic Square transforms an element into blocks or borders depending on your rotation and the design.  Using the Magic Rays, you can add a special echo quilting technique around appliqué or embroidery design.  Join us to see the many styles of magic with Art & Stitch. 

Software Featured: Art & Stitch

NOTE: Pro-Stitcher Versions 1, 2, & 3 include Art & Stitch. With Pro-Stitcher Premium, however, Art & Stitch is sold separately. To purchase Art and Stitch, contact your local Baby Lock Retailer.

Video length: 56:50 minutes

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