Sep 27, 2010
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So you have all these great marking tools but you're not sure when to use each one. Or you're not sure what projects will work best for each one. OR maybe you're like me and are a little afraid of a few of them how do you use it and what kind of mark is it going to leave? Here is some helpful advice on marking tools.

Note you should always try your marking tool on scraps of your fabric before lining out all your cut/sew lines. You'd hate to get it all complete to then find out your marking tool left a permanent mark.

You can use a household mechanic pencil with 0.5mm lead on most light colored fabrics. Remember to mark lightly so your stitching will cover it. An artist's pencil (it's a silver pencil) is another good tool and works well on light or dark fabric.

A soapstone marker also shows on light and dark fabrics. The trick with these it to always keep them very sharp. When they start to dull they don't work as well.

A sliver of soap that's right the good ol' bar soap we all grew up with works well as a marker and washes right out too! Just have to make sure your sliver is small enough to make a good mark.

Chalk pencils tend to brush away. With these it's best to mark as you go rather than marking out the entire project in one setting.

Wash-out pen pencil or graphite markers are great tools but it is especially important to test them on a scrap fabric before you begin. Also be careful applying heat could make the marks permanent and humidity could make the lines disappear quickly. But their fine point makes them ideal for intricate jobs.

The triangle tailor's chalk makes free-hand drawing or marking rather a breeze. Lastly the chalk roller or chalk wheel makes a fine line (although I have difficulty being precise with these markers).

Whichever marker you choose have fun with it; let your spirit free and create something truly unique.

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