Dec 30, 2012

Monogram Scarf

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Make a quick and easy monogram scarf using the built-in lettering and embroidery editing capabilities on Baby Lock embroidery machines. These simple and fast projects are perfect for last minute Christmas gifts or birthday presents. Download printable instructions.


  • Decorative embroidery thread
  • Purchased wool fleece or sweater knit scarf
  • Baby Lock Press-Away Stabilizer OR
  • Baby Lock Wash-Away Stabilizer (for washable fabric types)


  • Baby Lock Embroidery Machine


  1. Hoop the Baby Lock press-away or wash-away stabilizer in the hoop and lightly spray with embroidery spray adhesive.

  2. Position the scarf on the hoop in the general area you want the monogram to be placed.

  3. In embroidery editing mode choose a font style from the built-in lettering options. Then select the initials for the monogram.

  4. Select each letter individually by adding them as if they were separate designs. This will allow you to adjust each letter individually to completely customize your monogram.

  5. Select the center letter (last/sir name initial) and resize it so it is larger than the other two letters.

  6. Then adjust the size and spacing of the other two letters so they fit close to the center letter as desired.

    1. Note that some letters (due to the font and shape) can appear closer or father away even though they measure the same number of spaces away.

    2. It is best to have the monogram letters visually appear equal distant even if the spacing is not an exact match on each side.

  7. Once the design is complete set the design.

    1. Use the Sensor pen to position the monogram on the scarf by selecting the sensor pen icon and following the prompts to place the monogram on the scarf.

  8. Embroider the monogram using your preference of embroidery thread colors to compliment your scarf.

  9. Remove the project from the hoop.

    1. Trim away any excess stabilizer.

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