Oct 10, 2021
sewing, embroidery

No Tricks, Just Treats Halloween Bag

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Click here to find this project in Totally Stitchin Magazine from Fall/Winter 2018. Click here to download the design.

Materials and Supplies

  • Embroidery machine
  • One 17" x 11" black canvas fabric
  • One 17" x 11" lining fabric
  • Embroidery thread: black orange white green carmine
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away stabilizer
  • 5" x 7" Embroidery hoop
  • 4" x 4" White fabric for puppy appliqué
  • 4" x 4" Orange fabric for pumpkin appliqué
  • 4" x 4" Green fabric for boo appliqué (optional)
  • White fabric marker for marking fabric
  • Two pieces of 3/4" strapping each 18-1/2" long


  1. Prepare fabric by marking center of front bag panel 4-1/2" from right side and 5-1/4" from bottom.
  2. Hoop Fabric and Stabilizer: load and open design file. Using white embroidery thread embroider color 1 placement lines for puppy appliqué
  3. Puppy appliqué:
  • Place fabric over placement lines
  • Stitch color 2 sew down line.
  • Trim around sew-down line.
  • Stitch color 3 satin stitch.
  1. Pumpkin appliqué:
  • Stitch color 4 placement line for pumpkin appliqué
  • Lay 4" x 4" orange fabric over placement line.
  • Stitch color 5 sew-down line for pumpkin.
  • Trim around placement line.
  • Sew color 6 satin stitch.
  1. Boo appliqué:
  • Color 7: placement line-place green fabric atop placement line.
  • Color 8: sew-down line-stitch sew-down line and trim as close to sew-down line as possible.
  • Color 9: satin stitch-stitch and fill stitches for Boo!
  • Optional: you can embroider this step without the appliqué if you choose. Embroider colors 7 8 and 9 in green thread.
  1. Embroider color 10 for pumpkin eyes nose and mouth.
  2. Pumpkin and puppy details
  • Embroider color 11—black lines on pumpkin and puppy details in black.
  • Embroider color 12—puppy’s tail.
  • Embroider color 13—puppy’s collar.
  • Embroider color 14—puppy’s tongue.
  • Embroidery complete! Remove from hoop.
  1. On embroidered fabric using guidelines above mark placement lines for bag straps.
  2. Pin straps at placement lines.
  3. Lay lining and outerfabric right sides together.
  4. Pin and sew across top (long) edge.
  5. Reinforce stitching across bag straps.
  6. After stitching open fabric and fold with right sides of lining together and right sides of fabric outside together.
  7. Stitch all the way around raw edges leaving an opening in the bottom of fabric lining for turning.
  8. Turn right side out and stitch closed the opening left open for turning. Tuck lining in and press.

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