Instructor: April Dunn

Palette 9 - Making your Multi-Needle Sing

Palette 9 and your Baby Lock multi-needle embroidery machine make such a great partner for your embroidery projects...whether you are embroidering for personal or a business (or maybe both). This class covers some specific features in Palette 9 that really can help you create unique embroidery and/or save you time. Options covered in this class include: creating and splitting for the Jumbo Hoop; Name Drop; Linking; and some general Cutwork upgrade information and creating a basic Cutwork design...and a few more Palette 9 tidbits along the way. Note, a portion of this class is taught using pre-recorded video.

Software Featured: Class demonstrated using Palette 9, but applies to Palette 10. Applies to Machines: BMP9 with upgrade, BND9, BND92, BNT10, BNT10L
Other Products Featured: Jumbo Hoop (#ENJF), Cutwork Upgrade (#BNCW)  

Video length: 57:52 minutes

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