Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Pro-Stitcher Basics - Part 2

In part one of the basics class you learned how to navigate the menus of the updated Pro-Stitcher software and how to use the new Area and Skew/Align functions to position and stitch your quilt patterns.

In this class we will look at many of the functions that were not covered in the first class. Learn how to use the digital Ruler and how to use the various Reposition tools. Know what to do if the thread breaks or if the bobbin runs out in the middle of a pattern. Understand how to use the Resizing tools, and see how to use Horizontal and Vertical Channel Lock.

  • ProStitcher Version 13.08.0033 and Art&Stitch Version Build 2572 Updates
  • These updates are for the Asus Eee Pc Notebook or Acer Iconia Tab Computer only. It will not work on any other computers.
  • Version 13.08.0033
  • Added: 8/30/2013
Pro-Stitcher Versions 1, 2, & 3 include Art & Stitch. With Pro-Stitcher Premium, however, Art & Stitch is sold separately. To purchase Art and Stitch, contact your local Baby Lock Retailer.

Video length: 70:25 minutes

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