Mar 18, 2022

Pro-Stitcher Lite Quilted Table Runner

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Need a quick gift that is simple and uses up your leftovers? This table runner is just the right project! This project was quilted with the Baby Lock Gallant or Coronet with Pro-Stitcher Lite. All seams are stitched with ¼” seams and pressed to one side.



  • Center – 2 leftover quilt squares
  • Borders – ¼ yard of fabric
  • Backing - ¾ yard
  • Binding - ½ yard
  • Batting – Craft or crib size
  1. If you have a couple leftover quilt square and your not sure what to do with them this project is just for you. No quilt squares made then pick your favorite block and make 2 squares. These squares become the center of the runner. For a longer runner use three or more squares.

  2. Stitch long side borders – 1 ½” strips to each side.

  • Press with seams towards center.
  • Stitch border to the short sides of the center
  • Press the seams out from center
  1. Attach backing to frame lengthwise left to right.
  • Place the batting on the backing and stitch in place using horizontal channel locks for a straight line.
  • Place the runner on the backing and batting centering.
  • Using horizontal or vertical channel lock secure in place with a baste stitch or regular stitch length.
  1. Using Pro-Stitcher Lite
  • Click File Design and Open
    • Open PS Blocks
    • Open Feather Block Design
  • Click Area
    • Move the needle to the upper left corner of the 1st quilt block.
      1. Place the foot on the edge of the block inside the seam allowance setting a ¼” margin. The needle is a ¼” from the edge of the foot.
      2. Click Multi-Point Area
      3. Move the needle to the upper right corner
      4. Click Multi-Point Area
      5. Move the needle to the lower right corner
      6. Click Multi-Point Area
      7. Move the needle to the lower left corner
      8. Click Multi-Point Area
    • This set the area for the 1st quilt block
    • An Area is a magenta-colored space
    • If you cannot see the area click the refresh at the bottom of the screen.
    • Refresh zooms to fit everything on the Workspace
    • Click Modify
      • Click Skew
        1. On the Sidebar Click Skew
        2. Skew places the design in the space with just one click
      • Click Baseline to freeze the modification you have made to the design
      • Click Pro-Stitcher Tab
        • Click Quilt
          1. If the Quilt is green it has already been selected
        • Click Run
        • If it is pink it is not turned on
        • On the Sidebar the customized settings are available
          1. Be sure to verify the setting before you proceed
          2. Stitch out the Feather Block Design
      • Repeat this for each quilt square in the middle of the runner
      • Customize the runner with different design in each block or the same it is up to you.
  1. Click File Design and Open
    • Open PS Continuous Lines
    • Click Leaf and Curl Double Border
    • Click Area
      1. Set a Multi-Point Area with 4 corners
      2. One corner will go in each of the corners of the border
      3. Keeping the foot inside the border edge and seams
    • Click Modify
      1. Click Skew
      2. On Sidebar Click Border Skew
      3. Border Skew rotates design when needed
    • Click Repeat
      1. Change the horizontal repeat to be your desired look
      2. Sample repeat was 5
      3. Click Baseline

Note: Once finished with long borders take runner off the frame and stitch short borders or you can quilt short borders as you go.

* Click Pro-Stitcher 1. Click Quilt 2. Click Run 3. Stitch the Center 
  1. Remove from frame.
  • Square up your runner and bind.

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