Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Pro-Stitcher - The New Features

The new features shown in this class were added to the program by way of a FREE update posted at Babylock.com. The free update adds significant new features to the Pro-Stitcher software including an increased design collection, a simulator mode, Skew 2, Swap Start and End and more. This class will walk you through the update process and those great new features.

NOTE: There are three different updates on the Baby Lock website and they must be installed in order. You will see as we get started with this class how to check the version number on your Pro-Stitcher program. If you have a version lower than 12, then you must start by installing version 12 update first. Then install the 14 version and finish with the version 16 update.

There are two different versions of the 16 update and you will need to select the one that is for the style of tablet you are using with your Pro-Stitcher. The description of the update on the download page tells you which version of the update works with which style of tablet, so take a moment to read that description carefully. Note, this is filmed with Pro-Stitcher, not Pro-Stitcher Premium.

Video length: 28:35 minutes

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