Nov 10, 2021
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Quick Serger Gingham Picnic Quilt

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This simple picnic quilt is the perfect project for beginner and seasoned sewists to dive into the world of quilting on a serger. With simple blocks a touch of ruffle and button tied quilting anyone can create this perfectly timeless keepsake.



  • Fabrics – This pattern uses a medium dark and light fabric. I chose to add a pop of color with the red ruffle and a solid black backing.
    • Dark Fabric (A) -1 1/8 yards (30 - 6 ½” squares)
    • Medium Fabric (B) – 1 7/8 yards (49 - 6 ½” squares)
    • Light Fabric (C) – 7/8 yards (20 – 6 ½” squares)
    • Ruffle Fabric – ¾ yard (4 – 6” x WOF strips)
    • Backing Fabric – 3 ⅝ yards
    • Batting – 54 ½” x 66 ½” rectangle
  • Baby Lock 4-Thread Overlock Serger
  • 4 Cones White Serger Thread
  • Baby Lock Lace Applicator Foot (Optional)
  • Baby Lock Ruffler Foot
  • 12 Coordinating Buttons
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Scissors


Quilt Top Assembly

  1. Arrange the quilt 9 blocks across in the following pattern:

Row 1: A B A B A B A B A

Row 2: B C B C B C B C B

Continue this arrangement for 11 rows.

  1. Set up serger for a 3- or 4- Thread Overlock Wide Stitch with white thread in the upper and lower loopers. Set your Stitch Length to 2.5 and Stitch Width to 6.5.
  2. Attach the Lace Applicator Foot set to a ¼” seam allowance.
  3. With right sides together stitch each row block together in each row.

• Pro Tip: If chain piecing sew a scrap piece of fabric between each row to keep organized.

  1. Press each seam towards Medium (B) Fabric. This will allow nesting rows.
  2. Serge each row together and press seams down.


  1. Stitch (2) 6” x WOF strips together. Press. Make 2.
  2. Press both strips in half lengthwise wrong sides together.
  3. Attach the Ruffler Foot and set the Stitch Length to 4 and the Differential Feed to 2.
  4. Insert the 6” strips under the foot and serge to ruffle.
  5. Once ruffled separate the needle threads from the looper threads and pull gently to create more ruffles.
  6. Measure your ruffled strips against the top and bottom of the quilt top. You may continue pulling threads to create more ruffles shortening the strip to fit or trim a ¼’’ to either side of the quilt fold and topstitch to close the ruffle.
  7. Pin or Quilt Clip the ruffle to top and bottom of the quilt with the ruffles facing in.
  8. Attach the Standard Foot and return the Differential Feed to N.
  9. Serge to attach ruffle to quilt top. Do not press open.
  10. Tape corners of ruffle out of the seam allowance area.


  1. Measure quilt and use this measurement to cut backing and batting identical.
  2. Piece two pieces of backing with serger. Press.
  3. Lay out quilt top (right side up) backing (right side down) and batting consecutively.
  4. Pin from inside out to prevent movement.
  5. Serge around the edges ensuring that you are catching all three layers leaving a 12’’ opening to turn.
  6. Turn quilt right sides out.
  7. Remove tape from ruffle.
  8. Press ruffles out towards the top and bottom of quilt.
  9. Press entire quilt.


  1. Using a whip stitch or your preferred closing stitch close the opening for turning.
  2. Lay out quilt and determine button placement.
  3. Attach buttons with the Button Foot on a Baby Lock Sewing Machine or hand stitch to finish.
  4. Fill your basket head to your favorite spot and enjoy your new Picnic Quilt with your favorite people!!

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