Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Quilter’s Creative Touch - All about Placement Part 2

As you become comfortable with the basic placement methods in your Creative Touch, you may find that you are ready to tackle more challenging types of placement. How do you get that triangle pattern perfectly rotated, sized and placed? What is the difference between Quilt as Single Pattern and Quilt as Rows? And how does the Virtual Long Arm function to allow you to place and stitch patterns that are larger than the reach of your machine? How will Multi Point place allow you to place patterns in any shape area? Learn how all of your placement methods work and when and why you might select a particular placement method. Know which methods work for perfect “square” quilts and which ones will let you successfully quilt less than perfect quilt tops. You have the tools you need to successfully quilt all those tops in your collection!

Part 2 of this class covers Triangle, Tilted Block and Multi Point Placement methods. It also covers creating and placing Virtual Longarm patterns and using the Virtual Longarm technology to place continuous line pantograph quilting.

  • Software Featured: Baby Lock Quilter’s Creative Touch
  • Products Featured: Jewel, Crown Jewel

Video Length: 78:48 minutes

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