Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Quilter's Creative Touch Basics - Part 2

In Part 2 of Quilter’s Creative Touch Basics, we’ll dive deeper into this fun software. Learn how to use a Four Points placement for a quilt block that is not square and how to use the same Four Points placement for an on-point block. After taking this class, you’ll understand how to use the three different styles of digital rulers. Plus, see how easy it is to create, optimize, and stitch a pantograph with multiple patterns and how to place and stitch vertical pantographs. We’ll also cover what to do if you run out of bobbin thread in the middle of a pattern, and you’ll learn how to record your own free motion patterns so they can be stitched as automated quilting patterns.

This is Part 2 of "Quilter’s Creative Touch Basics". It is highly recommended that you take Part 1 before Part 2.

Video length: 57:06 minutes

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