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Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Quilter's Creative Touch - Why You Will Love the Upgrade

This class covers the exciting new tools built into the upgraded Quilter's Creative Suite Software. You will see how new Fonts Maker plug-in module will allow you to use the True Type fonts in your computer to create quilted lettering for your quilts and how the new Virtual Long Arm plug-in module makes it possible to split a quilt pattern and sew it in sections. You will love how the new Panto Stacker will make it easier than ever for you to create and stitch edge to edge pantograph quilting patterns. We will cover all three of the panto stacker design modes, so you will know when to choose the EZ, Basic, or Advanced editing modes. 

The class will also cover the process at the quilt frame for using the basted match point making it easy to roll the quilt forward and place the next row of pantograph quilting or the second half of a virtual long arm pattern. And you will see a new placement method that makes it easy to place triangle patterns into triangular quilt blocks and have them perfect every time!

Software Featured: Baby Lock® Quilter's Creative Touch  

Products Featured: Jewel (Previous Model), Crown Jewel

Video length: 86:33 minutes

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80 % of 100
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