Feb 26, 2020

Quilting Rulers are Fun Too!

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Amy Ellis with Amy's Creative Side and Sew Modern Quilts tells us why Quilting Rulers are useful and fun!

Quilting with rulers is a favorite way to add dimension and texture to my quilts at the longarm. With more and more quilting rulers available the options are endless. I’m able to add a grid or a feather spine circles and so much more using my longarm without a computer.

The straight rulers often have markings on them to use as a guide for spacing between rows. Using the lines on my rulers keeps my rows straight and the lines tidy as I work with precise measurements.

When adding a ruler-base to your longarm look for a ruler hopping foot to use with the long arm rulers. This is the best foot to use with rulers because it is slightly closer to the ruler base and will not allow the ruler to slide under the foot.

Using longarm rulers is a fun way to experiment and add custom features to my modern quilts.

Check out these great tools at your local Baby Lock Retailer today: 1/4 Acrylic Rulet Set and Ruler and Echo Quilting Foot Set.

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