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Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Regalia - Getting Started

Your new Baby Lock Regalia is all set up and you are ready to get started. This class will cover the things you need to know before you start stitching your first quilt top. Learn how to customize your handlebars, how to wind a bobbin, and how to thread your new Regalia. You will also learn an easy way to get the tension perfect on any thread; and how to keep the Regalia clean and oiled so it will always be ready to sew. And maybe the best part of this class is that you will learn how easy it is to trouble shoot and solve the problem if the stitching is not perfect, so you can get quilting!

Note: If you are looking for instruction on using your new Baby Lock Kinetic quilting frame, you will want to view the class called Loading the Kinetic Frame with the Regalia.

Video length: 77:03 minutes

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  1. 100%
    Very helpful class!!
    The instructor speaks slowly and clearly. Very easy to understand, and yet she does throw in a bit of humor to keep it interesting.

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