Oct 31, 2023

Sportogram Bag

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Personalize any of your sports gear with the Sportogram Collection on the Capella.  Take advantage of the built-in fonts to add your athletes name.  The versatile magnetic hoops make hooping bags and backpacks a breeze. 


Skill Level: Beginner 

Created By: Patty Marty, Baby Lock Training and Education Manager



Prepare and Hoop your Bag:


1.      Use a marking pen to mark the center point for embroidery placement. 

2.      Cut a piece of Tear-away stabilizer for the 5” X 7” hoop.

3.      Use spray adhesive to adhere project to Tear Away Stabilizer.

4.      Release the magnets from the Versatile Magnetic Hoop.  

5.      Position the marked portion of the bag into the hoop and secure with the magnets.

6.      With the Frame Holder attached, place the Magnetic hoop onto the machine.  *Be mindful of the hoop hitting the needle area as you are placing it onto the machine.

7.      Ensure that the excess fabric of the bag is not impeding the bobbin case area. 


Creating the Design: 


1.      From the main screen on the Capella, choose Exclusives, Sportograms and Design of choice. Touch Set.         

2.      Touch Add.

3.      Chose the Built-in Font Options and Font of your choosing.    

4.      Type the Athlete’s name and touch Set.

5.      Using the Move Keys, reposition the name in between the lines for the Sportogram.

6.      Touch Size and resize the name if needed. Touch OK. 

7.       Touch Embroidery.

8.      Save the design to Memory if needed. 

9.      For placement, us the Needle Beam and Move keys or the Two-Point Placement to help position the designs.    

10.  Thread the Capella with the first color of thread in the design.      

11.  Touch the Start/Stop button to begin stitching.

12.  Rethread with each color stop by tying off the thread and pulling it through the thread path.  Use the built-in needle threader to rethread the needle. 

13.  Continue until the design is completed.

14.  Remove the bag from the hoop by removing the magnets. 

15.  Leave the hoop on for the next bag and repeat the process, just sliding the bag and stabilizer onto the hoop while attached to the frame holder. 

16.  Tear away the excess stabilizer and you are ready to sport you new bag art your next game or tournament. 



For other exciting projects like this one, visit Baby Lock at www.babylock.com 




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