Dec 4, 2017

Spring Has Sprung Towels

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Adding borders when using your embroidery machine just got easier with the Multi-Position Embroidery hoop and Designer's Gallery software. Make one towel or make several towels to give as gifts. They're simple to make and are sure to brighten up any kitchen or bathroom! Download printable instructions.




  1. Follow the next steps to set the workspace up for embroidery:

    1. Open the Preferences icon on the top toolbar.

    2. Under Hoop Style select Multi Position.

    3. From the hoops settings select the 100mm x 172mm large hoop.

    4. Click on Rotate 90 Degrees.

    5. Click on OK for the changes to be applied to the workspace.

  2. Click on Open and retrieve the border design from the saved location.

  3. To split the design so that it will fit inside the machines work area click on tab on the top toolbar. Scroll down and select “Split into Hoop.”

    1. The program will then split the design into two sections (Top and Bottom) as listed in the Objects field.

  4. To save the split design click on File Save As and save the designs to a thumb drive.

  5. Set the machine for embroidery and follow the next set of steps:

    1. Wind a bobbin.

    2. Thread the machine with the Madeira® Variegated Rayon Embroidery thread.

    3. Attach the embroidery foot.

    4. Place the embroidery unit on the machine.

  6. Hoop the stabilizer in the Multi-Position hoop with the shiny side facing up. Score the top layer on the stabilizer with a stick pin.

    1. Lift the edge and tear away the top layer to expose the sticky side of the stabilizer.

  7. Determine the center on the bottom edge of the towel and mark that spot by creasing.

  8. Place the center crease line of the towel over the center line in the embroidery hoop. Finger press to secure.

  9. Place the hoop on the machine with the bottom two pins attached to the hoop in the embroidery unit slots.

  10. Select the bottom of the design and click on Embroidery. Click on start and embroider the design.

    1. When the machine stops for the second through the fifth color stops click on the Start button to continue on using the same thread color.

  11. Remove the hoop from the embroidery unit.

  12. Retrieve the second half of the split design.

  13. Place the hoop back on the embroidery unit with the top two pins on the hoop attached to the embroidery unit.

  14. The first color will be the basting stitch. This stitch should line up with the basting stitch on the first half of the design.

  15. Embroider the design using the same thread that was used in the first half of the split design.

  16. Remove the hoop and then the stabilizer from the back of the towel.

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