Aug 21, 2018

Summery Serged Pintucked Table Runner

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This bright and colorful table runner will add a touch of summer to any table! It comes together in a snap because it can be made completely on a Baby Lock serger. Use different stitches like the rolled edge and flatlock to create a unique and fun home décor piece to your dining room or picnic table! Download printable instructions.


  • 2 Yards of beige home decorator fabric
  • 6 Assorted sections of cotton prints for center and for the strips on the ends
  • 1 ½ yards of coordinating fabric for the backing
  • Madeira® serging thread colors to coordinate with fabrics
  • 2 Spools YLI variegated Jeans Stitch Thread
  • Frixion marking pens
  • 3 ½” x 24” straight edge ruler
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Large eyed needle
  • Seam sealant
  • Basic sewing and serging supplies


  • Baby Lock Serger


  1. Follow the next set of cutting directions to cut the fabric needed for the table runner:

    1. From the home decorator fabric cut one section that measures 13 ½” x 42”.

    2. From the cotton prints fabrics cut four strips each from the six different prints 1” x 15”. These will be serged to each end of the table runner.

    3. Fussy cut one section that measures 10” x 13 ½”. This section will be serged to the center of the table runner. I found a large floral print fabric that worked nicely.

    4. Cut one section from the coordinating print fabric that measures 13 ½” x 51” for the backing.

  2. Using the 13 ½” x 42” home decorator fold the section in half and crease to determine the center.

  3. On both sides of the center crease measure outward 6”. Draw a straight line using the Frixion pen on both sides.

    1. From the first drawn lines measure 1 ½” and draw another straight line across the width of the runner.

    2. Repeat until you have five lines drawn on both sides of the center creased line. These will be the lines where the pintucks will be serged.

  4. Set up the Acclaim serger for a 3-Thread Rolled Edge Stitch.

    1. . Thread the machine using two spools of YLI variegated Jeans Stitch thread in the loopers and one spool of Madeira thread that coordinates with the fabrics for the needle.

    2. Set the Stitch Width to 3.5. Lock the blade in the down position. Do a test serge to be sure that is the look that you would like to achieve using a scrape piece of fabric.

  5. To create the first pintuck on the runner fold wrong sides together along the drawn line and finger crease.

    1. Place the crease line so that the folded edge runs along the right edge of the foot. Serge along that line. Repeat for the other nine drawn lines.

  6. On each of the ends on the runner cut 3” off at a 45˚ angle as shown below. Use the markings on the ruler along with the cutting mat as your guide.

  7. To piece together the strips to each of the angled cut ends place the first 1” wide strips to one angled ends. Clip the strip to secure.

  8. Set up the Baby Lock Acclaim serger up for 3-Thread Overlock Narrow. Thread the machine with 3 spools of beige thread. Set the width to 3.0 and the length to 3.5.

    1. Serge the first strip to the runner. Remove the clips as you serge.

    2. Place another 1” strip on the other angled edge rotating back and forth until the first end is completed and you have serged five different strips to each side.

    3. Trim the ends so that you maintain the 45˚ angle and the sides are even with the runner. Repeat for the opposite side of the runner.

  9. Clip the center focus fabric to the center of the table runner centered between the pintucks

  10. Set up the serger for a 2-thread flatlock-wide stitch. Set the width to 7.5 and the length to 2.0. Set the blade to the locked position and the subsidiary looper into the left position.

    1. Thread the Upper Looper with the YLI thread and the Lower Looper with the Madeira purple serger thread.

  11. Serge the two side edges to the runner.

  12. Trim away the edges on the cotton fabric even with the edges on the runner.

  13. To finish the runner set up the serger for 3-Thread Overlock Wide.

  14. Press the front of the runner and the backing fabric.

  15. Place the backing fabric; wrong side up on a flat surface. Place the front side of the runner facing up over the backing fabric. Clip the two sections together

  16. Serge around the outer edge of the runner.

  17. Thread the ends of the thread using a big eyed needle under the serged seam on the backside of the runner or use a seam sealant to secure the ends.

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