Dec 4, 2017

T-Shirt Memory Quilt

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Everyone has more t-shirts than they know what to do with. Create a quilt to wrap yourself up in your memories or give to a high school or college student as a gift. Use your Baby Lock serger's exclusive wave stitch to create a unique finished edge! Download printable instructions.


  • 9-10 T-shirts
  • 2 Yards of cotton print fabric for the sashing
  • ½ Yard of contrasting solid fabric for serger wave trim
  • Pellon Fusible Knit stabilizer (EK130)
  • Madeira® serging thread to match the fabric (black)
  • 2 Spools of Wonderfil Razzle (black and gold) to coordinate with fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Pressing cloth (optional)
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock Triumph Serger
  • Baby Lock Crown Jewel III
  • Baby Lock Sewing machine (Optional)


  1. Wash all of the t-shirts.

  2. Cut away the arms and around the neck on each of the shirts and down each of the sides.

    1. If you have any unusual placement of a design cut out the design leaving as much space around the design as possible.

    2. In the sample there was a design on one of the long sleeves. Unusual sizes will give a more unique look to your quilt.

  3. Fuse the Pellon Fusible Stabilizer to the back side on each of the cut out t-shirt sections.

    1. This fusible stabilizer will hold the shape on the t-shirt fabric and will make it easier to serge and quilt.

    2. Be careful when you are fusing the sections that you do not melt the logo designs.

    3. Optional: a pressing sheet works well when fusing and will keep the iron clean while protecting the design on the front on each section.

  4. In this sample the sections were cut into 14” squares.

    1. The long sleeve section was cut down to 14” x 5”. If possible cut another section down to the same size.

    2. Place the sections on a flat surface and determine the placement on each of the squares. Move them around until you settle on a workable layout.

    3. The block size will depend on the size of the shirts. You might have to be flexible with the block sizes.

  5. From the cotton sashing fabric cut out 4” wide strips across the width of the fabric. Cut the length as you piece the blocks together.

  6. Set up the Serger for a 3-Thread Overlock-Narrow stitch.

    1. Place the needle in the 02 slot.

    2. Width 3.0.

    3. Length at 2.5.

    4. Stitch Selector on B.

    5. Wave selector on Overlock.

    6. Blade position up.

  7. With right sides together place a sashing strip to the right side of the first square block.

    1. Serge the seams together while cutting only a small sliver away with the blade on the serger. Press all seams in the same direction.

  8. Sew the next t-shirt block to the opposite side of the sashing. Then sew the next sashing strip to the block. Continue until the first row has been sewn together.

  9. Sew the next two rows together in the same manner.

  10. Sew the sashing strips to the bottom of the first row. If your strip is not long enough piece the strips together.

  11. Sew the second row to the first and then sew the last row to the quilt.

  12. Square up the pieced quilt top.

  13. Cut several 1 ½” wide strips from the solid fabric (black) and piece them together.

  14. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press.

  15. Set up the Serger for a 3-Thread Wave Stitch.

    1. Place the needle in 02.

    2. Set the Length to 1.0.

    3. Set the Width to 5.0.

    4. Set the Wave Selector to Wave.

    5. Blade Position should be up.

    6. Thread the machine with the Wonderfil thread in the upper and lower loopers. I placed the brighter of the two threads (Gold) in the upper looper.

    7. Use a black Madeira Serger thread in the needle.

  16. Do a test sew for accuracy. If any adjustments to the serger are needed make them at this time.

  17. Serge the raw edge of the strip with the 3-Thread Wave Stitch to create the wave trim.

  18. Place the unstitched edge of the trim along the outer edge on the pieced quilt. Baste the trim to the edge. (I used a regular sewing machine for this.)

  19. Serge a sashing strip to the top & bottom then serge the sashing strips to the sides on the pieced quilt.

  20. Use the Crown Jewell III for quilting the layers together as desired.

  21. Bind the quilt to finish.

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