Dec 4, 2015

Tartan Plaid Horse Stuffed Doll

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If you have a basic mastery of sewing you’ll gallop right through this adorable handmade horse! Make one for the kids or grandkids – or use it to decorate your own home. This is a Christmas or holiday gift that will delight everyone! Download printable instructions and template.


  • 1/2 Yard of red tartan plaid taffeta
  • 1/3 Yard of red contrasting fabric for hoofs and ears
  • 6 green buttons for eyes and legs (4 large and 2 small)
  • Madeira® Polyester Sewing Thread
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Ultra Soft Stabilizer (BLC204)
  • 10 Pkg. red Madeira Silk Floss (mane and tail)
  • 5” Dollmaker needle
  • Polyester fiber fill
  • Frixion marking pen
  • Positioning clips



  1. Cutting Fabrics

    1. Trace all of the body sections onto a cut-away piece of stabilizer using the enclosed shapes. Transfer the information onto each of the individual pieces. Use the following steps for cutting

    2. Cut out one piece of tartan plaid fabric that measures 18” x 10” for the legs.

    3. Using the body template cut front and back sections.

    4. Using the contrasting fabric cut 2 strips 2 ¾” x 18 wide for the hooves.

    5. For the ears cut one piece from the contrasting fabric that measure 4” x 4”. Fuse the Ultra Soft stabilizer to one half of the 4” square.

    6. Trace the hoof base template four times onto the remaining contrasting fabric and cut out along the traced lines.

    7. To create the tail and mane cut 30 40” lengths and lay them on the edge of your cutting table in a neat even bundle. Measure 5” in from the end and wrap a very small piece of tape around the

    8. Measure another 5” and tape the thread bundle. Continue in this way to the end of the thread length.

    9. Cut the sections apart on the right side of the tape. You should have 8 sections: 1 for the tail and 7 for the mane

  2. At the Sewing Machine

    1. Setup the machine up for sewing with the stitch length set at 1.6. Thread the machine with the polyester thread for sewing. Tip: If you use polyester thread it will create a stronger seam wh

    2. Using a ¼” seam allowance sew together the front and back body sections around the outer edge leaving the three areas open as indicated on the template.

    3. To create the tail take one of the thread bundles and guide the taped end through the tummy hole and push it up and through the tail opening with the taped end sticking out. Stitch the tail

    4. Turn the body right side out through the opening in the tummy.

    5. Using the polyester fiber fill stuff the body of the horse firmly. Stitch the opening closed using a ladder stitch.

    6. Take the remaining 18” x 10” piece and the two 2 ¾” x 18” strips from the contrasting fabric for the hooves. Sew one strip to each of the two 18” edges.

    7. To sew a decorative stitch on the hoof select a stitch from the many decorative stitches from the machine

    8. Sew a test on a sample piece of fabric for accuracy. Place the presser foot even with the seam line to place the stitch as shown below in the illustration.

    9. Fold the section in half so that the two hoof fabric sections are sitting evenly on top of each other. Take the leg template and cut out four legs.

    10. Machine stitch the legs together.

    11. With right sides together take one of the hoof base pieces and sew to the open area on the leg. Ease the base into place so there is no puckering. Complete all four legs.

    12. To turn the legs right side out and cut a slit on the back side only on each of the four legs.

      Turn right side out and firmly stuff with the fiber fill. Use a ladder stitch to close the area. Since this is on the back side of the leg it will not show.

    13. Attach the legs to the body using the 5” doll needle. Thread the needle with a six strand of the embroidery floss thread and knot the end.

      Determine the placement of the legs and push the needle through the body and out the other side being sure the needle is level. Thread the needle through one of the legs then through one of the buttons; go back through all of the layers again but this time through the second button. Repeat several times to secure the legs. Tie off the thread and sink the knot into the leg. Repeat for the other set of legs.

    14. Take the ear fabric square and fold in half with right sides together so that one side is interfaced. Cut out the ear and machine stitch around the curved area leaving the straight edge open

      Turn right side out and press. Ladder stitch the ears to the top area of the head close to the mane as shown on the template.
      Sew on buttons for the eyes while referring to the template for placement.
      Trim the mane as desired.

    15. Turn right side out and press. Ladder stitch the ears to the top area of the head close to the mane as shown on the template.

    16. Sew on buttons for the eyes while referring to the template for placement.

    17. Trim the mane as desired.

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