May 23, 2021
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Top 10 Tips For Sewing With Kids

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10 Tips For Sewing with Kids


Patience! Remember this is a learning process and creating an environment that is tense will lead to a child that is not interested and will not want to complete the project or continue sewing.


Encouragement! Everyone likes to be encouraged complemented or given a hi-five when learning even kids!


Pick three projects and let them decide—the same with fabric. When a child has a choice they will be excited about learning to sew because they are creating something they like not what you like or think they should have.


Go over the machine parts – how to select a stitch how to change the stitch length what the foot pedal is and how it works the handwheel the presser foot and how to remove it and attach a new or different foot identify the needle. Ask them if there is something that they noticed you did not talk about as you walked through the machine parts. It is all about involving them in the learning process.


Show them the practice sheets and all the great shapes that they can create while stitching. Explain that this is how you start by practicing following a shape or image just like coloring.


Show them how to thread and then have them thread while walking them through the steps. Create a little saying as you go. Something that the child will use when the threading to help them remember. Have fun doing this!!


Start by showing them how the machine creates a stitch with the needle needle thread and bobbin thread. Explain that the needle is sharp and when it is moving up and down they need to keep their fingers out of the way. Do not scare them! If they are afraid they will never sew or be so scared that they will run over their finger.


It is time to let them operate the machine. Start by allowing them to press on the foot control while you manage the fabric. By doing this they see/feel how they need to step on the foot control for the needle to move up and down. Let them sit in front of the machine and with your guidance and stitch.


Show the child all the great tools/notions that they will be using while creating their project. Go over the items they need to take special care using such as scissors and pins. At this stage in the learning process a rotary cutter is not the best selection. Remember when you show a child something they want to play with it or learn more about it.


Have fun! Remember to laugh!!! Don’t forget they are kids and kids like to have fun!

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