Nov 18, 2022

U SHINE Couched Patch Sweatshirt & Hat

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The Baby Lock Solaris Vision includes filled yarn couching letters. These can be stitched directly on garments or be used to create patches. Sparkled marine vinyl is used to create these trendy patch letters to embellish a sweatshirt and hat. These patches can be seen on trend with backpacks cosmetic bags bucket hats and all sorts of fun blanks.



  • Baby Lock® Solaris Vision or Solaris with Upgrade 3 sewing and embroidery machine
  • Embroidery Couching Foot (Y Foot) and EC
  • Yarn Guide
  • Thread Stand
  • 10 5/8” Square Frame or appropriate hoop for the number of letters/numbers.
  • Glittered Marine Vinyl
  • Yarn for Couching
  • Large Tapestry Needle
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Stabilizer BLT103
  • Sweatshirt
  • Hat
  • Patch stabilizer OESD Fuse and Seal
  • Madeira® Rayon/Polyester thread to match fabric & embroidery bobbin
  • Sharp scissors to trim letters
  • Painter tape or embroidery tape
  • Rotary cutter mat and ruler


Patch letters can easily be created either to create initials monograms or words. The marine vinyl was purchased in sheets and then cut for the various letters. You many need more or less vinyl depending upon the number of letters you are stitch.

Setting up the Machine for Yarn Couching

  1. Set the machine up for Embroidery Couching. Use the Built in Video for assistance with properly setting up the machine for yarn couching and calibrating the Y foot!
  2. You will want to use the thread stand as well and will need to help manage your yarn as this is stitching.
  3. One suggestion when you start to stitch is to turn off the End Trim color to assist with managing the yarn with multiple designs.

Selecting the Embroidery Design

  1. Select Embroidery.
  2. Open Category C for Couching Designs.
  3. Select Tab 2 with the Fill letters. Choose the letter of choice and touch Set.
  4. If desired make any changes needed to the design using the Edit tools. You will see there are limited options for resizing and editing these designs.
  5. For example the colors of this design could be changed using the Color Key to coordinate with your fabric choice.
  6. Select Add and go back to the Couching category and select the next letters.
  7. Letters can be duplicated on the Embroidery Editing Screen if needed.
  8. Please note: Couching designs can’t be combined with other embroidery designs but can be combined with other couching designs.
  9. Position the designs on the Embroidery Editing Screen allowing for enough space between them to adjust for the marine vinyl.
  10. Touch Embroidery
  11. At this point you should be ready to stitch out the design.
  12. For this the stabilizer is hooped and the vinyl is floated on top and secured with painter or embroidery tape to hold in place.
  13. Be sure to leave a long thread tail at the beginning and end of the letter to pull to the back of the vinyl when embroidery is completed.
  14. There are a couple approaches to how you could get the letters to position properly with the various positioning tools. Note:I found it easiest to add the vinyl based on the needle position when the machine moves in between each of the letters. This way you can control any overlapping of the marine vinyl.

Creating the Patches

  1. Once you have completed stitching out the needed letters remove them from hoop and trim away any excess stabilizer from the back.
  2. Using a large tapestry needle take the long tails to the back of the vinyl. If this is a challenge you can also bury it into the letters to secure and then trim the excess yarn.
  3. Using a Rotary cutter ruler and mat trim away the excess vinyl starting with about ¼” to ½” away from the edge of the yarn couching.
  4. Use a sharp scissor carefully trim around the letters keeping a consistent distance from the edge of the letters.
  5. Once all trimmed to your liking fuse that patch stabilizer on the back. Trim any excess stabilizer.
  6. Peel away the patch backing and arrange on your shirt or hat. Using a pressing cloth press the letters onto the shirt.
  7. Follow the laundering instructions for the patch stabilizer when using a garment.
  8. You could also stitch or glue them down with other sewing glues as needed. In addition you could also stitch the letters with vinyl directly onto the final garment and trim away excess vinyl while it is on the finished garment.

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