Jan 2, 2019

Valentine’s Day Heart Bunting

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Liven up a party or create a focal point in your home with this fun and festive bunting! Use a cute heart print for Valentine’s Day or a birthday party and update the fabrics for any holiday or occasion. It’ll provide the perfect backdrop for your gathering! Download printable instructions. Download template.


  • Six different ¼ yard pieces of coordinating fabrics for the bunting triangles
  • ¼ yard contrasting piece of fabric for the binding
  • Matching thread
  • Ruler and rotary cutter
  • Iron



  1. Using your ruler and rotary cutter cut around the template.

    1. Tip: If your fabric is directional face the pattern towards the point of the triangle

  2. Cut a front and a back for each pair totalling 12 pairs of triangles 24 triangles in total

  3. Attach the ¼” foot and set the machine to a straight stitch (middle) for general sewing selecting a 2.0mm stitch length

  4. Thread the machine and bobbin with matching thread.

  5. Sew right sides together leaving an opening at the top to turn right sides out.

  6. If you have the pivot button on your machine this is a great time to use it.

    1. The pivot function raises the pressure foot up when you go around corners allowing you to sew much faster without slowing down to raise and lower manually.

  7. Once you have them all sewn turn right side out.

    1. Use a point turner or other blunt object for smoothing the bottom corner to get a crisp point and trim off the two dog ears at the top of the open bunting.

  8. Press each one flat with your iron.

  9. Now it’s time to make the bunting hanger.

    1. Cut your final piece of fabric: 3 strips at 2 ½ inches and the width of the fabric.

    2. Join the two ends using a 45-degree mark on the wrong side of your fabric. A heat-removable pen or iron-off pen works well for this.

    3. Be sure to pay attention to any directional fabrics and make sure your triangles’ patterns are facing the same direction!

  10. Fold over and press. Cut off excess fabric from this cut seam.

  11. Iron by folding in half to provide a nice center crease. Open up and fold each raw edge to that center crease and press.

    1. I also like to fold the ends in so I have no raw edges showing.

    2. Then fold the binding in half again creating a fold for your flags to be inserted in.

  12. Attach your first flag to the binding strip 10” from the start with wonderclips.

    1. Start at the beginning of your strip and start to top stitch down the opening of the binding enclosing all the open edges.

    2. Use a straight stitch on 2.5 stitch length. Ensure you are sewing both the front and back of the triangle to the hanger. Go slow if you need to.

  13. When you are ready to insert your next flag place it corner-to-corner from your last one.

  14. When you come to the last flag finish stitching it. Then mark the binding strip 10 ¼ ” from the end and cut. Fold over the raw end edges and sew to the end.

  15. The overall project will be approximately 110” long

  16. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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