Instructor: Chris Tryon

Vibrant - Feet & Techniques

Be inspired by all that you can do with your Vibrant in this class with Chris Tryon! She'll walk you through a bunch of fun techniques and several different accessory feet that you can get to compliment your serging adventure.

In this class, you'll learn how to use the:

  • Elastic Foot (BL460B-EF)
  • Cording Foot (BL460B-CF)
  • Beading Foot (BL460B-BF)
  • Blindhem Feet (BL460B-BLHF5 and BL460B-BLHF1)
*The Ruffling Foot (BL460B-RF) is discussed in this class: Getting to Know Your Baby Lock Vibrant

Video length: 88:28 minutes

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