Compact Digital Dual Feed Foot


Smaller than the original Digital Dual Feed Foot, this foot makes it even easier to achieve consistent stitches. Whether feeding a difficult fabric or multiple, thick layers this foot will keep fabric feeding evenly for complete control. Additional soles available for the compact digital dual feed foot: Couching Foot (BLTY-CDF) Open Toe Sole (BLTY-OTDF 1/4" Sole with Guide Quilting Bar and Adaptor- Right (BLDY-QGDF) Quilting Bar and Adaptor- Left (BLDY-LQGDF) Stitch-in-the-Ditch Sole (BLDY-SDDF) Fits Models: BLSA, BLSA2, BLDY, BLTA, BLAE, BLTY, BLJY, BLCR, BLAR, BLCH, BLBA


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