May 5, 2023
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Adding an Embroidered Touch to a New Coat

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Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. I recently sewed a new coat and I absolutely loved it but I felt something was missing. I got the idea to create my own monogram turn it into a patch and add it to the collar of the coat.


I started by choosing a heart shaped border and embroidered the initials of my husband daughter and son inside of the heart.


This was an exciting project for me because I recently went to an embroidery class and learned so much about how to use the embroidery functions and design options on my Baby Lock Accord sewing and embroidery machine.


Once I embroidered the border and lettering I cut out the shape and stitched it to my coat. I have decided to make this my signature touch on my sewing projects from now on.


I hope that my post has inspired you to use your embroidery feature on your machine for many projects small and large!

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