Feb 20, 2023

Cool Waters Baby Quilt

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Half-square triangles are one of the most essential blocks for quilters as they are so versatile and can show up in a variety of patterns and projects! The Cool Waters Baby Quilt combines ocean blues with aqua greens for a refreshing color palette. Every block is precisely placed for a geometrically pleasing quilt that draws the eye through pattern and repetition. This free baby quilt project is perfect for beginners and we’ve even included a grid-quilting tutorial to help you dip your toes in with straight-line quilting.

Finished quilt size: 44” x 55” Finished block size: 5½” x 5½”



  • Baby Lock sewing or quilting machine
  • 10 fat quarters -or- (20) 10” squares (must have 10 prints with 2 matching squares each).
  • 1¼ yards of background fabric
  • 2-2/3 yards backing fabric
  • 50” x 60” or larger batting
  • ½ yard binding fabric (cut into 6 strips 2½” x width of fabric)



From the background fabric cut 5 rows 8.75” x width of fabric. Subcut 20 squares 8.75” x 8.75”.

From each of the 10 feature fabrics cut 2 squares 8.75” x 8.75”. Label each fabric A-J. A: Green solid B: White with blue details C: Dark teal with moons D: Light green with gold cross-hatch E: Teal solid F: White with stars G: Aqua with Fireflies H: Light Green solid I: Jungle leaves J: White with black half circles

Make the Half-Square Triangles:

  1. Pair a background square with a feature fabric square right sides together. Pin together and sew a ¼” from the border around all four sides of the stacked squares. Remove the pin and use a rotary cutter and ruler to slice diagonally both ways to make 4 half-square triangles.
  2. Press the seam of each half-square triangle toward the background fabric. Use scissors to trim off the dog ears next to the seams. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with all of the feature and background fabrics to make a total of 80 half-square triangles.
  3. You now have 8 half-square triangles of 10 different prints. Arrange the half square triangles as shown in diagonal rows A-J. Starting at the bottom left corner place:
  • 1 A block
  • 2 B blocks
  • 3 C blocks
  • 4 D blocks
  • 5 E blocks
  • 6 F blocks
  • 7 G blocks
  • 8 H blocks
  • 8 I blocks
  • 8 J blocks
  • 7 A blocks
  • 6 B blocks
  • 5 C blocks
  • 4 D blocks
  • 3 E blocks
  • 2 F blocks
  • 1 G block
  1. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement begin sewing together the blocks in each horizontal row. Once the rows are sewn press the seams in alternating directions (Row 1 to the left Row 2 to the right etc.). Sew all of the rows together nesting the seams as you go to complete the quilt top.
  2. Layer the quilt top batting and backing and baste with pins to keep the layers in place. Quilt as desired or here’s a fun and easy grid machine quilting tutorial to try! First quilt straight lines ¼” to the right and left of each “ditch” or seam line. Tip: Use a walking foot or the Baby Lock Digital Dual Feed foot to feed the layers evenly through your machine. You can use the quarter-inch marker on your sewing machine foot to keep your lines straight.
  3. Next add a straight line horizontally through the center of each row. This will essentially cut each of your blocks into halves. You may want to pre-mark these lines with painter’s tape or a chalk pencil but you can also just freehand them like I did. The Baby Lock Guide Beam (a laser light feature that comes in several models) really helps you keep your lines straight with minimal prep time.
  4. Add additional horizontal lines above and below the lines you quilted earlier. This essentially cuts each row into four stacked rectangles.
  5. Quilt a vertical line through the center of each block row. This will give you 8 equal rectangle sections in each block.
  6. Quilt two additional vertical lines to the left and right of the lines you just quilted. This will give you 16 equal square sections in each block and a wonderful grid-like texture!
  7. Square up the edges of the quilt and sew on the binding as desired!

We hope you enjoyed this free half-square triangle baby quilt pattern! If you’ve been nervous to sew your first quilt we hope you break into your fabric stash and give this project a try. It makes a thoughtful handmade gift and the colors can be customized to fit any nursery décor or theme!

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