Apr 10, 2024
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Double Cocoa Quilt from Ledine Watson

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Double Cocoa Quilt by Ledine Watson

Meet Ledine!

Ledine Watson is the owner and creator of Sugar Stitches Quilt Co! She’s a self-taught quilter and will forever be thankful to this creative outlet for giving her a sense of purpose and keeping her sane throughout all of life’s ups and downs. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, she struggles to find creative activities that are more fun than frustrating. When she first ventured into the world of quilting, she faced some of this frustration head on before realizing that she didn’t have to attempt the most difficult patterns or projects in order to feel satisfied with the final project. Can you relate? This is the life lesson that she wants to share with her corner of the quilting community!

Get the pattern from her blog here.

Before Getting Started

Thanks for recreating this quilt! Please read through the entire pattern before getting started to ensure maximum success. Downloadable and printable instructions here.

  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise noted. When a scant seam is suggested, this 
    pattern assumes the scant seam is one thread length narrower than a 1/4" seam.
  • Arrows throughout pattern represent sewing directions, not pressing directions.
  • Press seams to the dark fabric unless otherwise directed.
  • Refer to your coloring sheet or the mock ups in this pattern to lay out your blocks.
  • Check www.SugarStitchesQuiltCo.com for any pattern corrections. 
  • Abbreviations:
    WOF = Width of Fabric (assumed to be 42" wide).
    RST = Right Sides Together.
    FQ = Fat Quarter (assumed to be 18" x 21").
    HST = Half Square Triangle.
    QST = Quarter Square Triangle (also known as an Hourglass Quilt Block).
  • Please share your progress and final projects on Instagram using the hashtags 
    #DoubleCocoaStarsQuilt and #SugarStitchesQuiltCo and tag @SugarStitchesQuiltCo and Baby Lock USA and Canada!
  • This pattern is for personal use only. Reproduction of any part of this pattern in any way 
    whatsoever is strictly prohibited. If this design is used in a quilt for display, please credit Sugar 
    Stitches Quilt Co. for the design.
  • Classes and teaching of this pattern are prohibited without permission.
  • Kitting of this pattern requires prior approval, unless you have purchased the pattern 
  • You may sell items made using this pattern as a small independent seller. Please credit the 
    pattern design to Sugar Stitches Quilt Co.

Tools Needed

  • Sewing Machine- Ledine uses the Baby Lock Jazz II
  • Quilting rulers in varying sizes
  • Thread
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Mechanical pencil/fabric marking pen
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat (a rotating cutting mat is helpful with this project
  •  Straight pins
  • Seam ripper (you just never know what could happen!)

About this Pattern

The pattern features a traditional Ohio Star quilt block with half square triangles and colored 
squares in each corner, which then forms a secondary pattern of a sawtooth star. 
• The block finishes at 16". 

Looking for additional tutorials on the various methods used in this pattern? Visit the blog at www.SugarStitchesQuiltCo.com or our YouTube channel.

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