Instructor: April Dunn

EmbroideryWorks Basics - Part 1

The most popular customizing features in embroidery software have come together in Designer's Gallery EmbroideryWorks. This easy editing software comes with the essential tools you'll use daily - from sizing and density control to hoop splitting and much more - all bundled into one package. In this class we'll begin to explore the basic features and settings included in both EmbroideryWorks Everyday and EmbroideryWorks Advanced.

NOTE: This is one of two BASICS classes for EmbroideryWorks. EmbroideryWorks Advanced owners: It is suggested you take both basic classes before taking EmbroideryWorks Advance classes. The EmbroideryWorks platform has had additional features and changes to boxes since this class was filmed in 7/2014 so the program version you're running might have additional features and the boxes may appear different a more current version.

Video length: 52:04 minutes

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