Instructor: April Dunn
66 min

EmbroideryWorks - Lettering

There's nothing like a monogram or embroidered phrases to add a 'personal touch' to your clothing and other items or to personalize a gift for that special someone. No customizing software program would be complete without including some lettering but EmbroideryWorks includes lots of user friendly lettering options, whether you own the EmbroideryWorks Everyday or Advanced version. EmbroideryWorks comes with fonts allowing you to create: Single-line, Multi-line, Monograms, Circle and Spiral text. Join this class and learn how to use the basic lettering features EmbroideryWorks has to offer and we'll have you on your way to fancy lettering and monograms in no time. This class includes lettering features found in both EmbroideryWorks Everyday and EmbroideryWorks Advanced.

You may want to take EmbroideryWorks Basics - Part 1 before taking this class, but it is not required.

Software Featured: EmbroideryWorks Advanced, EmbroideryWorks Everyday

Video length: 65:54 minutes

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