Instructor: Cathy Brown

Free Motion Series - Lesson 5: Micro Stippling and Fun Background Fills

This class is Lesson 5 of a five part Free Motion series with award winning quilter, Cathy Brown. Cathy’s easy and accessible style will have you looking for more quilt tops to be quilted!

This final class in this series with Cathy Brown focuses on quilting patterns used to fill the background areas of your quilt. Cathy will show you how you can stitch those wonderful tiny fill patterns, and she will even show you how to escape if you quilt yourself into a corner. Learn how to stitch several different kinds of fill patterns including micro-stippling, small pebbles, random boxes, spirals, clam shells, and even a contemporary straight line squiggle.

If you have the TruStitch regulation system, you will also learn how to set up TruStitch for the best results with these tiny background fill patterns.

This lesson was filmed on the Tiara III and the techniques taught in this class are applicable to all Baby Lock Tiara versions and Baby Lock home quilting machines.

Video length: 29:43 minutes

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