Hi everyone! I am back with another beautiful creation that I have sewn up on my Baby Lock machines. It is my favorite time of the year. Christmas!! For this recent project, I decided to use a pattern I have used throughout this summer to make a sequin top for the holidays. However, I hit a little snafu. I did not take into consideration the difference in the texture and stretch of this sequin fabric as opposed to the crepe fabric I have used to make the Saguaro top this summer. The sequin had no stretch at all, and it was very stiff, therefore, when I cut the pattern out on the fabric, the sizing was off by a few inches. Not to worry though, because I came up with a solution. I turned the top into a jacket! Keep reading to find out how.


After cutting the bodice pieces of the Saguaro top, not including the bottom band nor the bias strip, I cut a long strip of the sequin fabric and lining the length of the front opening (I cut 42” long and about 4 inches wide).


Because I was using a sequin fabric, I needed to slowly sew, and be able to choose my speed carefully. That is why I love the speed option on my Baby Lock Accord sewing machine. I attached the lining to the band I cut, right side facing, stitching it to the main sequin fabric all around leaving one side open.


Once I turned the band piece right side out, I attached it to the jacket opening, and slipstitched the lining to the inside of the jacket seam to give it a nice clean look.


Sewing this jacket was not my original plan, but I am glad to call this a happy accident. The jacket turned out beautifully. I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. I hope that you enjoyed the photos below.


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