Create just one or a whole row of argyle stockings for your family using simple piecing techniques and your Baby Lock Sashiko machine. These modern and unique Christmas decorations will make your mantle stand out! Download pattern and printable instructions.


  • 3/4 yard white cotton-fabric will be used for the back and lining of the stocking in addition to the patchwork
  • ¼ yard each of assorted cotton solids: black, lime green, Kelly green, red, cranberry and yellow
  • Thread for piecing
  • 30 wt. Madeira Cotona thread in black for Sashiko stitching
  • Either of the following: AccuQuilt Go™ Cutter (optional) with Triangle in a Square die #55027 EZ Quilting Tri-Recs™ ruler for making triangle in a square blocks
  • Rotary cutter
  • Hera Marker
  • Warm and Natural Quilt batting
  • Glass head pins
  • Stocking pattern; use either a purchased pattern or the attached template


  • Baby Lock® sewing machine
  • Baby Lock® Sashiko machine


  1. Cut triangle in square blocks for a 3-inch finished block by using the AccuQuilt cutter or a Tri-Recs™ ruler.

    1. Each finished block calls is made up of two triangles for the center and four side pieces. Join together enough of the finished blocks to create a piece of fabric large enough to accommodate

  2. Stitch all sections together and press sections to the darker fabrics using a ¼-inch seam allowance.

  3. Lay stocking fabric over the pieced fabric. Pin in place and cut around edges.

  4. Stitch a scant ¼-inch seam around the entire edge of the stocking to hold all pieces together.

    1. Don’t skip this step! It’s important since it will prevent your stocking pieces from stretching out of shape or for the seams from unraveling.

  5. Lay the pieced stocking front on top of a piece of batting and pin to hold. Trim away excess batting.

  6. Using a Hera marker, impress lines into the fabric, following the angles of the blocks.

  7. Wind a bobbin with the 30wt. Cotona thread. Following the instructions for your Sashiko, stitch on the lines you made in step 6, by going through the batting.

    1. As an alternative, you may stitch in the ditch of the triangle units or you can even make a traditional quilting stitch by hand. It will just take longer!

  8. When the stitching is finished, turn the stocking face down on some of the remaining white fabric.

    1. Cut three additional pieces of the stocking shape.

    2. Two will be used as the lining and the third will be the stocking back.

  9. If desired, continue stitching lines on the reverse of the stocking, remembering to put it on top of a piece of batting also.

    1. Quilt or hand stitch to hold all layers in place.

  10. Create a hanging loop for the stocking by making a fabric tube ½-inch wide by 6 inches long. Tack in place at the top edge of the back of the stocking.

  11. Lay one lining piece, right sides together on top of the stocking. Take the remaining lining piece and lay it on top of the stocking back.

    1. Stitch the lining to the stocking front along the top edge with a ¼-inch seam allowance. Do the same to the back/lining pieces.

  12. Understitch the lining pieces for both stocking sections.

  13. Open up the stocking front with the lining attached and lay it on a table, right side up.

    1. Take the stocking and the attached lining back and lay it on top of the stocking front right sides together.

  14. Stitch all the way around the stocking, joining the front to the back and both lining pieces together with a ¼-inch seam allowance.

    1. Begin along the flat part at the bottom of the lining fabric and continue all the way around the stocking, leaving about 3 inches unstitched.

    2. Turn the finished pieces, pulling the stocking through the opening and then tuck the lining into the front of the stocking.

  15. Close up the lining by hand stitching it closed. Enjoy!

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