Project Sashiko Star Table Runner

By Linda Pacini

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Star blocks set on point with sashing and to top it off, perfect Sashiko stitching! What could be prettier for your fall table? Make yours with 3-5 stars, depending on the length of the table. Finished runner as shown is approximately 79” x 21”. Download printable instructions.


  • AccuQuilt GO! Cutter (Optional)
  • Triangles in Square 3” Die for AccuQuilt 55027
  • Square 3-½ ” Die for AccuQuilt 55006
  • Square 2” Die for AccuQuilt 55022
  • 2” Strip Die for AccuQuilt 55025
  • ¼ Yard of 3 to 5 different fabrics 45” wide for the stars (one of these fabrics will also be used for the accent squares in the sashing around the blocks)
  • 1 Yard background fabric
  • ½ Yard for sashing between blocks
  • 1 Yard for border and binding
  • 1-1/8 Yards 45” fabric for backing
  • Warm & Natural cotton batting
  • All Purpose sewing thread for piecing
  • Madeira Cotona 30wt. cotton thread for Sashiko stitching
  • Wash out fine line marker
  • 9” x 9” piece of Do-Sew Pattern Tracing Cloth or tissue paper
  • Quilt basting spray (Optional)



  1. Cutting & piecing for each star block (seams are 1/4" wide):

    For each star block cut: • 1 - 3½” square from star fabric (A) • 4 – small triangles from star fabric (B) • 4 – small triangles from star fabric (B reversed) • 4 – large triangles from background fabric (C)

    All seams are ¼” wide

    1. 1 - 3½” square from star fabric (A)

    2. 4 – small triangles from star fabric (B)

    3. 4 – small triangles from star fabric (B reversed)

    4. 4 – large triagles from background fabric (C)

  2. To construct each star, lay small triangle B on top of large triangle C and stitch together with ¼” seam.

    1. Press seam away from large triangle. Stitch remaining small triangle on the opposite side in the same way. Make four sets of these blocks for each star.

  3. Once these sets have been sewn, lay the block pieces out in front of you in the way that they will be sewn next.

    1. In your first row you will have an A block, a pieced B/C block and another A block; second row B/C, A (star center), B/C; final row A, B/C, A.

    2. Stitch these pieces together, starting with the top row.

  4. Once all rows have been completed, stitch the rows together, taking the time to press in between each row of stitching. Complete each star block in the same way.

  5. Lay all of your blocks on a table as you want them to appear in your finished table runner.

    1. Cut 6 blocks out of your background fabric 9½” square. Cut 4 diagonally, corner to corner, for the half squares. Lay them in position around the star blocks.

  6. From the remaining 2 blocks, cut the 4 corner pieces.

  7. Cut 5 strips 2” wide for the sashing around each star block. Cut 20-9½” long pieces from the strips.

  8. Cut 16-2” square blocks for accent blocks between sashing out of one of the star fabrics.

  9. Beginning with the first star block, sew one strip of 2” wide fabric along one edge of the block.

    1. Press away from the block. Sew a 2” wide piece of sashing fabric on the opposite side of the star block.

  10. Sew one 2” square accent fabric to each end of one 9½” strip. Sew this to one of the remaining edges of the block.

    1. Do the same for the opposite side. Border all of the star blocks in this same way.

  11. Following the photograph, seam the background fabric half blocks to the star blocks, working in diagonal rows. Seam the rows together as you complete each strip.

  12. Cut 5 - 3” wide strips of fabric from your border fabric. Seam together as needed to achieve the length required.

    1. You will need to add one 3” border to each long edge first, then add the 3” border to the two remaining short sides of the table runner.

  13. Sashiko Stitch Quilting:

    1. Now that the table runner has been constructed, we are ready to mark the table runner for quilting.

    2. To replicate the star design in the plain quilt blocks, lay your 9” x 9” piece of Do Sew Pattern Tracing cloth or Tissue Paper over one of the completed star blocks.

  14. With a ruler and your wash out marker, trace the outline of the star completely.

    1. Remove the tracing paper from your project. Go over the lines with a ball point pen so that you can see them clearly.

  15. This next step can be used with a light box if you have one. Lay the piece of tracing material under one of the blank blocks.

    1. You should be able to see the lines that you have drawn clearly.

    2. Using a wash out marker, trace the lines that are on your template so that they can be seen well enough to follow.

    3. Fill in all of the blank blocks with lines that can be stitched with your Sashiko machine.

  16. Layer your table runner with quilt batting in between the backing and the top that you have pieced and marked.

    1. Use a quilt basting spray or your preferred method of holding your layers together to make sure that there will be no shifting of fabric once you start your quilting.

  17. You may choose to set your Sashiko at the stitch length and spacing of your choice. For this sample, 2.5 length and spacing were selected.

  18. Wind your bobbin with the Madeira Cotona 30 wt thread in the color you have chosen and place it in the machine according to the manufacturer’s directions.

  19. Your presser foot height should be at 3. This setting will allow the machine to work as though there is a “walking” foot on it.

  20. Stitch on all the lines that you have drawn. Also, you can stitch around the outside of the star and pieced blocks if desired.

  21. Remember to hand tie all thread on the back of the runner to prevent stitches from working free over time.

  22. When all quilting has been completed, cut binding strips and apply according to your preferred method.

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