Instructor: Chris Tryon

Accomplish - Feet and Techniques

In this class, join instructor Chris Tryon and go further with your Baby Lock Accomplish! You'll cover all the accessory feet that came with your machine. You'll learn a variety of techniques using each foot from the perfect 1/4" quilt piecing to creating a rolled hem to inserting 3 different types of zippers and so much more!

Accomplish - accessory feet covered in this class & that came with your machine:

Flex-reaction (BLQP-FR) | Free-motion quilting (BLQP-FM) | General purpose (BLQP-GP) | Invisible zipper (BLQP-IZF) | 1/4" Quilting Foot (BLQP-QF) | Rolled hem (BLQP-RH) | Walking (BLQP-WF) | Zipper (BLQP-ZF) | Seam Guide (BLQP-SG

Video length: 61:05 minutes

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