Instructor: Lora Kesilis

Regalia - Let's Quilt

Your new Baby Lock Regalia is all set up, threaded and the tensions are balanced. Now you are ready to sew, but which sewing mode should you select, and what do all those icons on the screen mean? This class will guide you through the differences between stitching with Cruise Stitch Regulation, Precision Stitch Regulation and the Manual stitching modes. We will go over the controls on the Main Screen, so you know how to set up the stitch just the way you desire.  You will learn how to pull up the bobbin thread and sew tie-off stitches when you start to sew and at the end, so you can trim the threads. You'll also see how to select and use the built-in basting stitches in the Regalia and what a Walking Stitch is and how it can be used.

Video length: 50:41 minutes

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