Aug 17, 2021
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Got an old dress pants or top laying around? I know that many of us do. Turn them into a fun and fashionable new garment. Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. When I first started my sewing journey I was sewing clothes for my kiddos using old garments. I mainly used my husband’s old shirts because his shirts provided more fabric to use as he is 6ft and 275 pounds. Over time I gained a love for taking something old and remaking it into something new and today I am sharing a project that I created do just that. I used a old dress that I have had for quite some time but only wore once and I did something very simple to give it a whole new look.


As you can see in the photo above the original dress is a maxi dress with two tiers of ruffles. On the hanger the dress looked nice but once I put it on I felt that the placement of the second tier of ruffles looked odd on my shape. Has that ever happened to you before? I decided to cut the dress to the length of the first tier of ruffles (I love that there is a high-low design to the ruffles) leaving enough excess fabric for the seam allowance. I then removed the ruffle from the lower half of the dress. Once I removed the second tier of the ruffle I pinned it to the excess fabric I spoke of above that I left for seam allowance. Lastly I took the dress to my Baby Lock Presto 2 sewing machine and stitched everything together.

One simple change and I have turned something old into something new. This dress looks like a different dress and in my opinion a more stylish and easier to wear dress. The double ruffle on the bottom gives the dress a fresh and fun spin. Whenever you look in your closet at your wardrobe imagine the possibilities and how you can take something old and sew it new.

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