Sep 18, 2023

Baby Lock: The Machine that Grows With You

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Hello beautiful people! Today I am going to brag a little about being the owner of a Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machine. If you own one, then you can understand the need to brag a bit. I have owned a Baby Lock sewing machine for the last two years. I own the Baby Lock Accord sewing machine (previous model), and am upgrading to the Baby Lock Bloom, which has many of my favorite Accord features, plus exciting new ones. Through the years I have enjoyed using this machine and honing my craft. 

Most basic beginner machines are very limited, and you will find yourself growing out of them quickly. Though some Baby Lock embroidery and sewing machines may be pricier than beginner machines with fewer options, it is well worth it, because you will own this machine for years to come. With hundreds of built-in stitches and an extensive design library, my machine is easy enough for a beginner to use, but has the power and versatility to grow with you in your craft. Which is ultimately what you want. No, no one wants to have to learn a new machine every time you decide to advance in your craft. That brings me to my next favorite thing about my sewing machine, it is not just a sewing machine, it is also an embroidery machine, which means more ways to elevate my projects. 

Lastly, I love that there are so many Baby Lock dealers, because it is very helpful when I need to take my machine in for maintenance or need to purchase an extra part for my machine, which happened recently when I took my sewing machine with me on a recent trip. Here is a link to a quick video on that experience.

I believe that Baby Lock sewing machines are excellent for sewists and embroidery enthusiasts at a variety of skill levels. Soon I will be upgrading to the Baby Lock Bloom, and I am so excited. I can not wait to share projects, and insights on that sewing machine when I receive it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I hope that you enjoyed it, and learned about the benefits of owning a Baby Lock machine. 

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