Nov 15, 2021

Upcycle Ruffle Tree Skirt

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Upcycle a fabric tablecloth into holiday décor that you’ll love putting out year after year. This pretty buffalo tree skirt delivers a classic look with a homespun feel for the holiday season.

Click here to download the instructions which include step-by-step photos and templates.


  • Baby Lock Serger
  • Ruffling Foot
  • 60" round fabric tablecloth or 60" x 74" or longer rectangle tablecloth (if using rectangle pick up a 60" round plastic tablecloth at a discount store for a cutting template)
  • 7 yards (21") or 3" wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Basic Sewing Supplies


  1. Spread out the fabric tablecloth. If using a rectangular tablecloth spread out the round plastic tablecloth on top to use as a cutting template.
  2. Use scissors to cut around the edges of the fabric tablecloth cutting it into a 60” diameter circle. Set plastic tablecloth aside and discard fabric remnants.
  3. Fold the fabric circle in half then into fourths. Near the folded point use a pencil or marker to mark 2” in from the left and right edges. Draw a quarter circle connecting the points. Cut along the curve and remove the center circle.
  4. Unfold the fabric circle which should now have a circle cut in the center. Cut one long straight line from the center circle to the outer edge.
  5. If using shorter lengths of ribbon join them together on the serger using a four-thread overlock stitch.
  6. Snap the ruffling foot onto the serger and apply the following settings: 4-Thread Gathering: Stitch Length 4 Stitch Width 6.5 Left/Right Needle Tension and Upper/Lower Looper Tension: 4 Differential Feed 2 (settings for the Baby Lock Celebrate – check out your serger manual or the quick-reference threading guide for more details)
  7. Line up the right edge of the ribbon with the right edge of the foot and slide it under the foot.
  8. Starting at the outer edge of the tree skirt (near the long straight cut) slide the fabric into the top slot of the ruffling foot. Push it in as far as it will go then start serging both layers together. The ribbon (bottom layer) will ruffle while the fabric (top layer) will be remain flat. Continue until you serge all around the perimeter of the tree skirt reaching the other side of the long straight cut.
  9. Remove the left needle and replace the ruffling foot with a standard serger foot and apply the following settings: 3-Thread Rolled Edge: Stitch Length 1 Stitch Width 3 Right Needle Tension 3.5 Upper Looper Tension 3 Lower Looper Tension: 7 Differential Feed N
  10. Serge a rolled hem along one straight edge (catching and securing the edge of the ribbon) around the inner circle then down the other straight edge. Trim the threads and press as needed.
  11. Cover the base of a Christmas tree with the tree skirt. Ties may be added if desired!

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