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Instructor: Sara Gallegos

Hooping on the Baby Lock Altair and Meridian

Ready to utilize the positioning app on your Baby Lock Altair or Meridian, then this is the class for you! Instructor Sara Gallegos will share with you alternate hooping methods using your positioningframes for a beautifully finished project. 

Video length: 13:19 minutes

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    really neat information
    I'm new to the positioning app even thought I've been embroidering with various machines for 30 years. This was really informative and there was tons of new ideas. I'd never have thought about just using the outer hoop with sticky backing but I can sure see how that would be a real bonus with thick fabrics. Not sure how it would work with heavy fabrics like jeans or leather jackets but it's worth considering because you really don't want to hoop them, you'll get hoop burn, if you even can hoop them. Especially not jean jackets with seams to stitch over. Really intriguing ideas and Sara is very professional on the screen!
  2. 100%
    Time well spent!
    This is a great class on hooping. It's quick and easy to understand. Good information on how to use IQ positioning.

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