Quickly whip up some snazzy suspenders for your favorite kiddo(s) with this fun sewing tutorial! Download printable instructions. View matching skirt instructions. View matching bow tie or hair bow instructions.


  • ¼ yard of cotton woven fabric (based on 44” fabric width)
  • 30” of 1” elastic
  • Matching Madeira Aerofil Sewing Thread (one to match fabric and one to match elastic)
  • 1” suspender hardware – 4 clips and 2 adjusters


  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine


  1. Cut two 4” strips from width of fabric.

  2. Press each strip in half lengthwise wrong-sides together and then press the raw edges into the center lengthwise. Press again with everything all folded in together.

  3. Measure the length of where one suspender strap would sit from front pant waistline and then crossed in back to the back pant waistline. Cut both straps at that measurement.

  4. Cut two 15” pieces of 1” elastic.

    On each strap, open the 4” pressed strip on one end completely and press the raw edge up a ½” and then, fold it all back up and press again. Insert the 1” elastic into each end about a ½” and pin to secure.

  5. Topstitch with a 3.0mm stitch length closely to one long edge, pivot and stitch over the end with the elastic inserted.

    I reinforced the fabric/elastic topstitch by stitching over it twice. Then, pivot again and stitch the remaining long edge. Hold the strap up to child to see if you need to shorten either the fabric and/or elastic end of the strap. Remember that you’ll want to keep some overlap on the fabric end of the strap on the front of the body (see below) and then, you’ll need 1.5” allowance for the elastic end. You can see in the image below where the adjusters are located high up on the chest that he’ll have room to grow with these suspenders with that much overlap of the strap. Shorten both straps evenly by removing the excess you determine in fitting the straps.

  6. On the fabric end of the strap, insert the raw edge into the adjuster hardware (as shown) about 1.5”.

    Fold under a ½” and topstitch it in place to the front of the suspender strap. Repeat for strap 2.

  7. Place one suspender clip on the strap with the right side of the hardware up and on top of the front of the strap

    (The folded under seam allowance that you stitched in the last step is the back side). Flip the elastic end back and with wrong sides of the fabric/elastic strap together, insert the elastic through the adjuster hardware. Slide the adjuster all the way to the fabric side of the strap. Repeat for strap 2.

  8. On the elastic end of the strap, place a suspender clip with the right side facing out.

    Loop the elastic through and fold over the raw edge about a ½” and topstitch in place. Repeat for strap 2.

  9. Place both straps on child and pin where the two naturally crisscross, ensuring the adjusters are in the same position on the front.

    Stitch a diamond with a crisscross stitch through it. I stitched over the diamond/crisscross twice for extra security.


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