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Instructor: Mike Johns

Edge to Edge Quilting - Solaris Vision

Join Mike as he explores the beautiful edge to edge design feature on the Solaris Vision.

Video length: 66:45 minutes

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    Solaris Vision Edge to Edge
    This was such an informative video. Mike went through each step so thoroughly. I always appreciate an instructor who demonstrates how to correct problems.
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    Solaris Vision Edge to Edge
    I enjoyed this class so much! Mike is such a great instructor and so clear and helpful explaining how to do things with the machine. I feel so informed and actually ready to try the techniques. Thank you so much for the really great instruction and I love that Mike went over how to correct if something goes wrong, we all know that happens! Really appreciate the thought and time to help us use out machines better! Thanks Mike and Baby lock!
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    Intro to edge to edge
    I watched this video with Mike and learned so much. It was so helpful to me to go step to step and see the choices that were made to align the quilting properly. I especially love that Mike went over what to do if something goes wrong, really great help. I do have problems sometimes and I love that he explained two different ways to correct an issue. Very informative and helpful video and great instruction from MIKE! Thanks for the help on using the Solaris Vision.
  4. 100%
    Love Edge to Edge
    Very easy to follow gr8t voice

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